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To enquire about the units or to make a booking please call Phil Tierney on 0414 692 528

or send Phil an email at

We will return any emails and phone calls ASAP.

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Latest comments

17.10 | 02:34

Hi Kay, Happy to rebook. Just give me a call on 0414692528 to arrange

17.10 | 00:06

Hi Phil, could we rebook unit 5 for Thursday 2/3/23 & Friday 3/3/23.

16.10 | 23:26

Hi Phil, we very much appreciate your understanding of our situation. We had to cancel on the advice of Vicroads with the road closures due to the floods in Victoria. We will rebook soon.

04.07 | 03:07

Hi Robyn, Happy give you a 10% discount. Normally $675 for 4 people. Say $600 for 3 nights. Please call 0414692528 if you would like to book. I can also arrange for ferry fares at a discounted price.

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