Kingscote Self Contained Holiday Units

These units have all been renovated in recently to include all modern furnishings.

Each unit has Smart TV's, renovated kitchens, new fridges and all upgraded linen.

Coastal Breeze Holiday Units offer off street car parking, BBQ facilities, a fish cleaning bay and each unit has an outdoor setting.

The units are located in Kingscote and are an easy walk to local take away shops and local parks.

Set in a small block of 5 units surrounded by sweeping lawns and fully fenced, Coastal Breeze provides you with all the space and freedom you need for your next island holiday.

Unlimited Free WIFI

To Book your Holiday unit please phone Phil Tierney on 0414 692 528 or email on


Phil Tierney

17.10.2022 02:34

Hi Kay, Happy to rebook. Just give me a call on 0414692528 to arrange

Kay Lewis

17.10.2022 00:06

Hi Phil, could we rebook unit 5 for Thursday 2/3/23 & Friday 3/3/23.

Kay Lewis

16.10.2022 23:26

Hi Phil, we very much appreciate your understanding of our situation. We had to cancel on the advice of Vicroads with the road closures due to the floods in Victoria. We will rebook soon.

Robyn Allen

04.07.2022 02:41

Hi Phil, just wanting a price for 2 couples at this Coastal Breeze Holiday Units…..
20th March 2023, for three nights, 2 bedroom. We all are seniors.


04.07.2022 03:07

Hi Robyn, Happy give you a 10% discount. Normally $675 for 4 people. Say $600 for 3 nights. Please call 0414692528 if you would like to book. I can also arrange for ferry fares at a discounted price.


21.04.2022 01:11

Hi Phil, just looking at availability between June 20th - 30th for 2 people


21.04.2022 06:39

Hi Don,
Availability is ok. Give me a call if you would like to discuss price.
Cheers, Phil 0414692528

Philip Tierney

24.08.2021 09:31

Hello Surekha, Each unit is thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant between bookings. All linen & sheets are naturally replaced. However quilt covers will be freshly cleaned if that is what you require.


24.08.2021 09:07

Hi, I am looking at booking a two bedroom cabin and was wondering if you had particular Covid cleaning between guests? And whether blankets/quilt covers were fresh/clean between each quest/booking? Th

Maxine Agnew

19.08.2021 23:51

We have a holiday booked for Tassie in Oct and it is iffy as to wether we can get to the Spirit in Melb. We decided to hang in there and see what Sept brings otherwise you could still see us sometime.

Phil Tierney

20.08.2021 03:28

Hi Maxine, Not a problem. Happy to help in the future if need be.

Maxine Agnew

19.08.2021 23:48

Thankyou for getting back to me Phil. We have decided to leave it for the moment!

Maxine Agnew

18.08.2021 11:12

Is Unit 5 available from 1st Oct forc10 nights?

Phil Tierney

19.08.2021 00:44

Hi Maxine,
I would have to move some existing bookings around to accommodate you. I would need a confirmed booking before I would be able to do this. Would be easier if you could ring me on 0414692528

Michelle Groves

07.07.2021 01:31

Are these pet friendly?


07.07.2021 03:50

Sorry no not pet friendly

Levi Wiza

19.05.2020 08:35

sky blue


19.05.2020 08:54

More info please


18.02.2020 02:37

Can I book for five nights from 27th March

Sue Ferguson

05.11.2019 22:05

We have just purchased a Travel Auction Voucher & would like to know what dates are available? We would like a November booking if possible. We would like 7 nights if possible.

Gayle Williams

21.10.2019 06:40

We are coming to stay from this Wednesday could you tell us what TV stations you get please.

Philip Tierney

21.10.2019 07:48

Hi Gayle,
TV channels are all the same channels that Adelaide receive.

Julie H.

22.02.2019 23:57

23/2/2019 - Good morning,
Have put in a bid for Travel Auction,
Do you have a unit available from Monday 25th March - Thursday 28th March ?
Kind Regards


14.02.2019 22:05

Hi Phil
Good morning
I booked one of your units in March, have you got wifi
Please let me know thanks.


14.02.2019 22:54

Sorry. We don't have wifi


12.01.2019 11:08

Hello Sofia,
Sorry, I have nothing available until 26th January


12.01.2019 08:30

Have you got accommodation available from the 21st -25th Jan?


14.11.2018 17:58

Good day. Tell me, is there a private bathroom and toilet in the room? Thank.


29.09.2018 02:43

How are the showers bathroom


29.09.2018 03:28

The showers/bathrooms are fully refurbished & wheelchair friendly with shower curtains

Irene Stewart

24.05.2018 10:35

Hi Philip,
Thank you so much for a wonderful holiday , your units are absolutely wonderful , very spacious and comfortable, everything was perfect , my husband and I thank you so much ,

Yvonne Brennan

21.02.2018 07:32

Can you use travel auction voucher for the 22or23/4/18 for five days accommodation or not, thank you


22.10.2017 23:39

Hi Alan, Yes, all units have new washing machines & laundry tubs. Chees, Phil

Alan Meredith

22.10.2017 22:53

Hi PHIL, just checking if your units have a washing machine.


27.07.2017 07:27

Hi Phil, we are interested in Unit 1 and 5. From the photos I am not able to see if there are dining tables and chairs in those units. Can you please advise?


27.07.2017 11:50

Hi Carolyn, Thank you for your enquiry. Unit 1 has a kitchen bench & 4 stools & unit 5 has a table & 4 chairs. Cheers, Phil

Suzzanne Borlace

15.04.2017 04:41

Hi Phil, we recently stayed in Unit 1 and had 7 nights in K.I. Your accommodation is fantastic and we were amazed at everything that was in it. K.I. is such a beautiful island. Thanks

Kate Neale

03.01.2017 12:34

Hey Phil, my husband and I won a travel auction to stay at your holiday units and was wondering if 2BR units are available around end of April beginning of May this year. Cheers wait for your reply


03.01.2017 22:21

Hello Kate. Thank you for your query. All dates you have requested are currently available. Unit 1 has 2 x queens & unit 5 has 2 x queen beds & upper & lower single bunk beds. Cheers, Phil

Jeff & Dawn Schaefer

Hello Phil, We would like stay during March, what

time is available and do you book us with Sealink. We have our own car.

Phil Tierney

08.10.2016 10:21

08.10.2016 12:42

Hello Jeff & Dawn, All dates in March are currently available. Once i have sent you a confirmation email for the dates you choose you will need to book direct with Sealink. Cheers Phil


25.09.2016 08:55

Yes I have twin share accommodation available.

carolyn underwood

25.09.2016 07:40

Hi just checking with a travel auction that I have won-do you have twin share acommodation? Cheers Carolyn

Francois Smith

20.09.2016 11:06

Hi just want to know if the units have cutlery available in each unit house? Or should we bring our own? Will be there Friday afternoon looking forward to it.

phil tierney

20.09.2016 11:30

Hi Francois. All kitchens are fully equipped with all basic needs including cutlery. Cheers. Phil

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17.10 | 02:34

Hi Kay, Happy to rebook. Just give me a call on 0414692528 to arrange

17.10 | 00:06

Hi Phil, could we rebook unit 5 for Thursday 2/3/23 & Friday 3/3/23.

16.10 | 23:26

Hi Phil, we very much appreciate your understanding of our situation. We had to cancel on the advice of Vicroads with the road closures due to the floods in Victoria. We will rebook soon.

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